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Tooth sealant for kids and adults

Children are generally found to be more prone to developing cavities than adults for several reasons, the main reason being lack of good oral hygiene.  Most children tend to resist those things that are boring and monotonous – like brushing their teeth.  It is not easy for parents to teach children the importance of good oral hygiene.  One tactic to overcome this is making oral care more exciting for children with character toothbrushes and different flavored toothpastes. Research shows that if children develop a daily routine of brushing their teeth,  they are more likely to continue this habit during adulthood.

Another reason that children develop cavities is that baby teeth have many nooks and crannies that make it easier for debris and bacteria to accumulate. The longer debris is trapped in those nooks and crannies, the more decay can develop.

Dentists often used Dental sealants as a protective coating, to seal the nooks and crannies and protect the teeth from tooth decay. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends dental sealants in children up to 18 years for extra protection against cavities. A Dental sealant acts as a protective coating for teeth and is beneficial to children and adults; as a long-term solution to prevent developing cavities.

Dental sealants are up to 80% effective for the first two years and up to 50% up to four years. If the bond thins out or is damaged, it can be applied again as recommended by the dentist during regular dental examinations.

Preventive care from cavities is essential to maintain good oral health and smiles.   At Bearley Dental, we offer dental sealants and a wide range of other treatments to help our patients maintain healthy smiles for life.

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Dr. Daniel Bearley
Dr. Daniel Bearley is a general dentist from central Pennsylvania. He graduated from Penn State University in 1997. Having completed nine years as a chemical engineer, he decided on a profession that offered more interpersonal relationships and a better work/life balance. After attending the University of Minnesota, he earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2012.

Dr. Bearley has owned his Charlottesville, Virginia, dental practice since 2014, which he has been transforming since 2018 to offer more positive, authentic, and engaging relationships focused on comprehensive dentistry. He has continued dental education at the Pankey Institute. He is a member of the American Dental Association, Virginia Dental Association, and Pankey Alumni.