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Bearley Dental offers dental implants to replace missing teeth

A dental implant is the most permanent and robust restoration process for a missing tooth when the tooth and root both are missing or need to be removed. Replacing the root along with the tooth is the healthiest option for the jawbone and face. Replacing the entire tooth returns normal eating, talking, and smiling. Dr. Daniel Bearley of the Charlottesville, Virginia area can restore dental implants.

The jawbone remains healthy with the sensations transmitted through the roots of the teeth. This sensation keeps the bone density in the jaw steady. When a root is lost, the bone loses up to 25% of the bone volume in just the first year. The bone loss continues even after that. 

What are the parts of a dental implant?

A dental implant is comprised of three parts:  

  •  Implant screw/body
  •  Abutment
  • Crown

The screw is manufactured with titanium which is a substance known to fuse well with bone. During the healing period, the screw will integrate with the jawbone and act as the root. This integration makes the implant the most secure. 

The abutment is placed on top of the screw for attaching the crown. A temporary crown can be placed during the healing period in some circumstances. After the healing period, the permanent crown is then fabricated and placed on the implant/abutment.  

How are dental implants used?

There are a few different ways in which a dental implant can be used. If you are missing front teeth or other teeth within the smile, a single dental implant is utilized to replace these teeth individually. A dental implant may also be used as an anchor for both sides of a dental bridge to replace several teeth. If patients are considering full mouth dental implants, which include several dental implants along the dental arch which support a denture, they can also have this performed by Dr. Daniel Bearley as well.

Although an implant is securely placed and fused to the bone, the crown can sometimes be damaged and needs to be replaced or just becomes loose and needs to be tightened down. Bearley Dental can provide an implant or implant restoration as required.

Dental Implants
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Dr. Daniel Bearley of Charlottesville, VA, is pleased to provide affordable implant restorations.  Contact the office at (434) 443-8034 to schedule an appointment at the practice, conveniently located at 901 Preston Avenue, Ste. #200. We accept new and established patients in the community.

Dr. Daniel Bearley
Dr. Daniel Bearley is a general dentist from central Pennsylvania. He graduated from Penn State University in 1997. Having completed nine years as a chemical engineer, he decided on a profession that offered more interpersonal relationships and a better work/life balance. After attending the University of Minnesota, he earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2012.

Dr. Bearley has owned his Charlottesville, Virginia, dental practice since 2014, which he has been transforming since 2018 to offer more positive, authentic, and engaging relationships focused on comprehensive dentistry. He has continued dental education at the Pankey Institute. He is a member of the American Dental Association, Virginia Dental Association, and Pankey Alumni.