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Dr. Daniel Bearley offers dental bridges for missing teeth

One or more teeth missing from the smile can have a significant impact on the smile. Not only do patients feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smiles, but they may experience difficulty eating or speaking as well. Without immediately addressing tooth loss, patients may also be putting themselves at risk of shifting teeth and bone loss. To maintain a healthy, functioning smile, patients in the Charlottesville, Virginia area will want to speak to a dental professional about the benefits of dental bridges.

What is a dental bridge for a missing tooth?

A dental bridge is a tooth/teeth replacement option for patients in the area of Charlottesville, VA. Dr. Daniel Bearley and his team at Bearley Dental describe it as a solution that “bridges the gap” between teeth. The dental bridge is best for replacing one or more teeth in a row, where adjacent teeth are available for support. Just like a bridge that spans a river needs support on each side of the river.  A bridge in the mouth also needs this support.  Those supports are the teeth that are adjacent to the space.  That is because the bridge has crowns on each side designed to fit over the teeth on each side, acting as a bridge. Without adjacent teeth, the bridge has nothing to affix itself to and has no support.

Dr. Daniel Bearley recommends porcelain bridges, which look like natural teeth. They blend in with the smile because they are custom-made for the patient based on the color, shape, and size of their existing teeth. Whether you need a bridge for the front teeth or a bridge for the teeth near the back of the mouth, our team can help.

Who is a candidate for dental bridges?

Patients with tooth loss who have surrounding teeth may want to ask their dentist about placing a dental bridge. In some situations, the dentist may utilize dental implants on one or both sides to support the bridge. A consultation visit and initial evaluation with our team is the first step in determining candidacy.

Dental Bridges
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Whether you are thinking about a dental bridge for your smile or are wondering if you are a candidate, our team at Bearley Dental can answer your questions. Call (434) 443-8034 to request an appointment at 901 Preston Avenue in Charlottesville, VA.   

Dr. Daniel Bearley
Dr. Daniel Bearley is a general dentist from central Pennsylvania. He graduated from Penn State University in 1997. Having completed nine years as a chemical engineer, he decided on a profession that offered more interpersonal relationships and a better work/life balance. After attending the University of Minnesota, he earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2012.

Dr. Bearley has owned his Charlottesville, Virginia, dental practice since 2014, which he has been transforming since 2018 to offer more positive, authentic, and engaging relationships focused on comprehensive dentistry. He has continued dental education at the Pankey Institute. He is a member of the American Dental Association, Virginia Dental Association, and Pankey Alumni.