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At Bearley Dental of Charlottesville, Virginia, we offer a wide range of services for our patients. That includes the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as occlusal disease. This condition results from misalignment or a poor relation between the teeth in the upper and lower arches. It is sometimes referred to as malocclusion. Without diagnosis and treatment of occlusal disease, patients will experience damage throughout their smiles. That includes the bones of the jaw, gum tissues, jaw joints (temporomandibular joint), and the surrounding muscles.

How to determine if the occlusal disease is present

While many changes that happen to the smile due to occlusal disease are often dismissed as the natural process of aging or normal tooth wear, this is not always the case. That is why you should discuss diagnosis and occlusal disease treatment with an experienced dentist such as Dr. Daniel Bearley. Some of the more prevalent symptoms seen in patients with malocclusion include:

  • Muscle pain around the jaw
  • Abnormal wear of natural tooth enamel
  • Breakage/cracking of teeth
  • Recession of gum tissues
  • Lost bone and bone support
  • Symptoms of TMJ/TMD
  • Sleep Issues

When occlusal problems such as this are seen in patients, it is best to get a proper diagnosis and then discuss occlusal disease treatment.

How can occlusal disease be addressed?

Patients with a definitive diagnosis of malocclusion are welcome to book an appointment at Bearley Dental to discuss a successful treatment of this condition to find improved oral health and comfort. With early detection, less damage accumulates. Treatment will vary depending on the current state of the patient’s jaw and how severe their condition is. Mild cases can be addressed with an occlusal splint, while more severe cases may require orthodontics and dental restorations throughout the smile.

Are you concerned that you might be dealing with occlusal disease?

If so, and you live in the areas of Charlottesville, VA, or Crozet, VA, Dr. Daniel Bearley and his team can help! We offer the diagnosis and treatment of occlusal disease and many other conditions that negatively impact the smile. With the help of our team, patients will be able to enjoy a problem-free smile! (434) 443-8034 and visit our practice at 901 Preston Avenue, Suite #200, to discuss your needs. We are open to new and current patients in the area.