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Restore healthy smiles with safe dental extractions

No one enjoys having a tooth pulled. Who would? Bearley Dental works closely with patients in Charlottesville, Crozet, Virginia, and surrounding communities to preserve natural teeth to maintain a healthy jawbone.  However, a tooth that is severely damaged or infected may not be possible to save. If this is the case, tooth extractions are the best treatment to resolve pain and restore oral health. Today, with the advancement in anesthetics, tooth extractions are more comfortable and less traumatic.

Dentists in the olden days only had crude instruments available for dentistry and no anesthetic beyond whiskey; oral health did not extend beyond pulling out teeth that were causing problems. Today, with the advancement of dentistry, dentists use various treatments to preserve the natural teeth and patient’s oral health and wellness.

When dental extractions may be necessary 

The most common tooth removal is the third molars, also known as wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last to appear in your mouth, and most times, there is little or no room to accommodate these teeth.  This causes the tooth to be impacted, partially or fully underneath the gums. Impacted wisdom teeth can be painful and tend to harm the surrounding teeth too.

The skilled team at Bearley Dental in Charlottesville, VA, will evaluate the development of wisdom teeth during your regular appointments for check-ups and cleanings and recommend if impacted tooth removal is necessary. With your comfort in mind, the team will place a numbing gel on the gums where an anesthetic shot is given so that the patient will only feel a slight pinch. Any pain felt during the extraction should be reported to the dentist immediately, and additional numbing medication will be applied.  

After allowing time for the anesthesia to take full effect, the dentist will loosen the damaged tooth from the jawbone to remove it.  In some circumstances, the tooth may break apart during removal.  If this occurs, additional steps will be taken to remove the remaining pieces of the tooth.  After removal of the tooth, the patient will be provided with instructions on post-extraction care, and most patients get back to their normal work schedule the following day.

Each patient’s mouth is unique, and if you need a tooth evaluated for damage or infection, call us at (434) 443-8034 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bearley. We are located at Preston Avenue, Suite #200 in Charlottesville, VA, and offer a range of preventative and restorative dental care, including options to replace missing teeth

Dr. Daniel Bearley
Dr. Daniel Bearley is a general dentist from central Pennsylvania. He graduated from Penn State University in 1997. Having completed nine years as a chemical engineer, he decided on a profession that offered more interpersonal relationships and a better work/life balance. After attending the University of Minnesota, he earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2012.

Dr. Bearley has owned his Charlottesville, Virginia, dental practice since 2014, which he has been transforming since 2018 to offer more positive, authentic, and engaging relationships focused on comprehensive dentistry. He has continued dental education at the Pankey Institute. He is a member of the American Dental Association, Virginia Dental Association, and Pankey Alumni.