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Professional cleanings to keep your teeth healthy and looking great!

Good oral hygiene is essential for good oral health throughout adulthood. Oral hygiene routines should begin in infancy and continue during childhood.

Brushing and flossing at least twice a day, along with using an antibacterial mouthwash, is the basis of good oral hygiene. Routine brushing and flossing remove plaque that builds up on teeth daily. However, brushing does not remove all plaque. As such, dentists recommend professional teeth cleaning once every six months to remove the remaining stubborn plaque.

Board-certified hygienists perform professional cleanings with a specific set of instruments to remove the biofilm or microbiome from between teeth and at the gumline. The teeth are then scrubbed with special toothpaste and then flossed. Once the mouth is free of any remaining debris, the dentist will come in to do a thorough examination to look for cavities or any other potential problems in the mouth. If cavities are detected, a follow-up appointment for the patient is scheduled for treatment to prevent them from progressing to more areas of decay.

Diligent brushing and flossing are the best way to shorten professional cleanings and avoid finding other problems. Toothbrushes need to be thrown away and replaced every three months. At Bearley Dental we recommend the use of an electric toothbrush because the research shows a positive and significant improvement in oral hygiene when used properly. 

The care is “routine”; our approach is not.

We use many advanced diagnostics and adjunct technologies to provide our patients with a comfortable and pleasant experience. For instance, lasers present a non-invasive way to accurately detect early-stage or hidden decay or help healthy attachments between the teeth and gums. 

Should we need to resolve existing dental or periodontal conditions, your dentist may recommend non-surgical scaling and root planing. Think of this as a “deep clean” alternative to “standard” six-month cleanings. Scaling removes the biofilm and breaks up the microbiome underneath the gum line, whereas planing smooths out rough root surfaces where bacteria accumulate. 

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