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We have had many patients concerned about coming to see us because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We at Bearley Dental are taking this pandemic very seriously. We want to keep you and your family safe. We have adopted the protocols listed below in addition to the universal infection control procedures that have always been performed in the past.

Team Members:

  • Team member COVID-19 screening every morning upon arrival at the office (this includes a temperature check).
  • Team members are double masked for all patients seated in the dental chair ( level 3 surgical mask and level 1 surgical mask on top of the level 3).
  • Face shield which produces aerosols worn by all team members during all procedures.
  • Gown worn by all team members for all procedures.
  • Team members wipe down every surface in the operatory before and after all procedures.
  • Team members wipe down all surfaces at the front desk after each patient comes through that area.
  • Air purifier for entire office to limit the amount of infectious particles in the air ( Manufacturer: UVAirX)- It runs 24/7.
  • All team members are vaccinated.


  • COVID-19 screening before entering the office (this includes a temperature check).
  • All patients must use hand sanitizer after entering the office ( hand sanitizer supplied by Bearley Dental).
  • All patients must use mouth rinse after entering the office ( mouth rinse supplied by Bearley Dental).
  • Masks are mandatory to enter the office and you must wear a mask once you leave the dental chair.

If you have time please read the latest article regarding COVID-19 infection rates among dentists. The article link is listed below.