Teeth Cleaning

By Dr. Daniel Bearley

The Basis of Oral Hygiene for Long-Term Oral Health

Start oral hygiene routines in infancy and continue through adulthood.

Brush and floss at least twice daily.

Use antibacterial mouthwash for comprehensive oral care.

Why Professional Cleanings Are Vital

Routine brushing and flossing do not remove all plaque.

Dentists recommend professional cleanings every six months.

Board-certified hygienists use specialized instruments for thorough cleaning.

The Professional Cleaning Process for Achieving a Sparkling Smile

Hygienists remove biofilm and microbiome between teeth and at the gumline.

Teeth are scrubbed with special toothpaste and flossed.

Dentists perform a comprehensive examination to detect cavities and potential issues.

Preventive Care  and Maintenance

Diligent brushing and flossing are critical to shorter professional cleanings.

Replace your toothbrush every three months.

Consider using an electric toothbrush for enhanced oral hygiene.

At Bearley Dental,  We Go Beyond The Routine!

We employ advanced diagnostics and technologies for a personalized and comfortable experience.

Laser technology detects early-stage decay and aids gum health.

Non-surgical scaling and root planing for comprehensive care.

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